Promotional Mailer Campaign
Direct Mail
Created for Wise Inc.
Having a physical mean of reaching out to prospective customers, opened up a new avenue to target an audience with an attractive offer. This double gate fold mailer features an eight panel construction that reveals more content as it unfolds. The hero outer panel displays a strong product proposition along with a highlighted offer. Here, it was important showcase human-based visuals that will help tell the story from start to finish. On the opposite side, a photo from the same model shows a screen of the product in action.
Once opened, the mailer expands on the value proposition with clear visuals that connects the reader with the product. A quote from a familiar source drives home a feeling of reliability, sparking a sense of trustworthiness. Inside the fully extended mailer, more features are displayed along with the continuation of photography. The last panel circles back to the offer shown on the front with more details on how to proceed.

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